The Bear’s Gift


The Bear's Gift, by Carolyn Koehnline

Written and illustrated by Carolyn Koehnline
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From The Bear’s Gift:
Every morning she got up when the wind and the trees called to her. Then she went off to her favorite meadow to turn clouds into castles and to whisper secrets to the wildflowers. Every evening, right about supper time, she burst through the door full of ideas to share with her two sisters.
But they were always much too busy doing IMPORTANT things and told her not to be so childish.
“Why doesn’t anyone ever want to listen?” she sobbed, flinging herself on the bed. It seemed that the three sisters simply could not get along.

A transformational tale for all ages. Gertrude is the oldest sister, and a very hard worker. Alexandria, the middle sister, is not afraid of anything. Rosie, the youngest, is a dreamer full of ideas.

Even with these special qualities, the three sisters don’t appreciate each other and don’t get along at all. Then a mysterious bear visits, and leaves them with a gift, hoping it will help them find a way to work together.

To watch a video of Carolyn reading the story while showing the illustrations Click here.

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