About Carolyn

Carolyn KoehnlineI am a coach, clutter specialist, journal instructor, workshop leader, and the creator of Gentle Approach Coaching. My work is informed by my thirty years as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a private psychotherapy practice. and infused with my love of writing, singing, and art making. 

I believe in the power of simple things.

I teach and encourage simple actions that help you navigate life’s ups and downs. Writing for ten minutes can transform a problem. Cleaning out and organizing a cluttered cupboard can give you energy and make you feel more sane. When someone is really listening, sharing your story of a difficult experience can make it less overwhelming and more meaningful.

Quote from Kathy Forrest, East Shore Unitarian Church

Everyone needs safe spaces to fall apart.

You need places to feel anger, fear, and sadness so they can move through like weather. You need to have a place where it’s okay not to know the answers, and not to make sense. This allows vulnerable voices to emerge and lead you to clarity and brilliance. I find it rewarding to create such spaces one-on-one and in small and large groups.

It’s important to periodically stop and reassess one’s life.

I’m fascinated by the process of sorting out what’s useful from what isn’t, what is emerging, and what might need to be released. My goal is to help you create a welcoming space for the life you want.

I practice the hidden art of coaching: restoring rest, play, and confidence.

My credentials and qualifications include:

  • M.A. in Psychology
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor for thirty years (now retired).
  • Clutter specialist
  • Certified Journal Therapist
  • Certified Journal to the Self® Instructor
  • Workshop leader
  • Writer, illustrator, musician