Making Room for the Muse: Clearing Clutter for Your Creative Life
April 20-May 31, 2017

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Course Activities

  • "Making Room for the Muse," by Carolyn KoehnlineIdentify internal and external “clutter” that stifles creativity.
  • Adopt a gentle, personalized approach to clearing clutter.
  • Create a Making Room for the Muse notebook to track your process.
  • Use writing and other expressive processes to move internal clutter, examine your relationship with time, feed your curiosity, and discover creative possibilities.
  • Listen to brief presentations guiding you into each topic. Essays, videos, poems, images, and songs will also be shared.
  • Listen to meditations that ease you into creative activities.
  • Share your reflections, writings (always optional), questions, and “aha’s” with classmates through written posts.
  • Receive personalized written guidance and support from Carolyn.
  • In an atmosphere of group support and respect for privacy, create your own schedule to navigate these rich processes.


  • Course Fee is $175 (registration link below). All course materials are included in this price.
  • Dates: Ongoing from April 20-May 31, 2017.
  • Location:  You must have internet access to participate. You will receive a log-in ID and password so that you can participate from any place where you have internet access.
  • Assignments are made available prior to each week, with 7 assignments per week. However, each week there will be two or three days when the assignment will be to take a break, keep going with what you’ve learned so far, or catch-up. The class is designed to be manageable, not overwhelming. You may determine your own pace, but for the sake of keeping current with our online discussion, do your best to be working on the current week’s assignments.
  • Class discussion is an important part of the course and will take place in the form of comments and replies on the assignment web pages.
  • Expectations: Confidentiality is maintained within the course. You are free to share your own work outside the virtual classroom, but not to disclose what others have shared in class without their permission.

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