Welcome to Gentle Approach Coaching!

Carolyn Koehnline, life coach and author of Clearing Clutter as a Sacred Act.

Hi, I’m Carolyn Koehnline. I coach, teach, speak, and write to support clearing clutter, navigating transitions, making peace with time, and tending an artful life.

I offer practical strategies and creative processes you can use for the rest of your life. As a coach and licensed therapist for 27 years, I’ve learned the power of compassionate witnessing and gentle guidance. As a certified journal therapist, I also share writing processes for healing and change.

Why a Gentle Approach? In our efforts to change our lives, there’s a temptation to treat ourselves harshly. But research has shown that a gentle approach is more effective: Gentle witnessing, combined with helpful tools and strategies, can help you feel safe enough to take risks and make wanted changes, while fostering self-compassion.

The territory of this work is explored in depth in my new book, Clearing Clutter as a Sacred Act. Order the book.

This mandala reflects Carolyn Koehnline's gentle approach to coaching, which emphasizes the development of self-compassion, the use of tools to navigate transitions, achieve a sacred stance. utilize writing process, and clear clutter. All this is in support of your emerging vision.

This mandala symbolizes my multifaceted approach to clearing clutter and navigating transitions. Click the image to enlarge it.