Clutter Songs (Rough Mixes)

Here’s where you can audition rough mixes of clutter songs recorded in Bellingham on February 8, 2020.

1. ClearingTheClutter20200208_001 Mixdown 1.mp3

This is the first full take of “Clearing the Clutter.” There is some noise from the little brass tray with beads on it. Also has an enthusiastic page turn (which I attenuated somewhat) near the beginning. This mix was primarily an initial effort to experiment with mixing the four channels of audio down to a two-channel (stereo) version. I added a tiny bit of reverb (barely noticeable). Could still do a lot with equalization, but my inclination is to keep the audio effects to a minimum and make it a pretty natural, straightforward presentation. I’m interested in folks’ opinions of the relative balance of Carrie’s voice, the other voices, and the piano.