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The Gentle Approach Coaching Newsletter

I produce a monthly newsletter with tips for reducing the clutter in your life, as well as announcements of the workshops and classes. Below are links to several past newsletters that you’re welcome to read. You can also subscribe to the newsletter (opens in a new browser tab).

  • Warming Up   How to get yourself started.
  • Emotional Sorting  Clearing clutter is often a matter of the heart.
  • Steadfastly Gentle  Again and again, I pledge allegiance to the gentle because it’s the only thing I’ve found that works in a sustainable way.
  • Mindful Pretending. This newsletter explores a strategy for borrowing competence when the task feels daunting.
  • A Page from My Journal. In this newsletter I share a personal example of how journaling can help me when I feel stuck.
  • The Power of Slow. This was a newsletter I wrote while I was in the process of writing Clearing Clutter as a Sacred Act. Sometimes slowing down is the most efficient thing to do
  • Gertrude Time. This newsletter shares how to bring some order into a creative life.


Sing along to some clutter songs I’ve written to familiar tunes:

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