Testimonials About Carolyn’s Teaching

“It was perfect. The songs, writing assignments, sample clutter template—all so helpful in helping me finally address areas of clutter that I have been avoiding. Your responses to each of my writings/reflections were motivating, encouraging, and timely. I looked forward to receiving your insight daily.”—Susan MacLaughlin

I have been successful with laying aside my anxiety and self-flagellation about clutter clearing. I am prioritizing thoughts and activities that take better care of myself. The assignments and exercises were quite helpful to guide me into healthy activities that encouraged me to write and to try things that ended up bringing me insight. I found the reflections and writing inspiring and encouraging.”—Karen Gilbert

“This course was over-the-top amazing! In addition to clearing “stuff” (I think we filled 28 big green bags), we focused on things such as time clutter (what am I spending time on that’s getting in the way of things I really want to do?), emotional clutter (memories that needed to be dealt with and cleared), and even in some situations “people clutter.” In the context of the class I was able to “clear the air” on many issues. It was exciting, fun, meaningful. On a scale of 1-5, I’d give it a 10. What a gift to give to oneself! I am grateful to Carolyn for offering the class and to myself for taking the class. What a gift!”—Judith B. Mizrahi, M.Ed., LMHC, Certified Journal to the Self Instructor

“This workshop was one of the most effective I have ever attended. It wasn’t just another conference on getting rid of clutter—Carrie gave practical ideas on how to sort without feeling guilt or shame in having too much “stuff.” But the workshop was not just a “to do list” of getting rid of clutter, and I know I will be able to use the ideas she suggested. She is supportive, funny, compassionate and practical, and I think helped each audience member realize we have to find our own rhythm, our own way and why it is important to do so.”—Julie Waters-Barcomb

“This course was rich and textured. I loved its layered power in my life. You have a fine and effective curriculum. Even in my more transient state, my days are more productive and my living more organized.”—M. Bowman