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Carolyn Koehnline is available to speak to groups and organizations.

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I’ve delivered presentations and workshops at conferences, colleges, churches, libraries, and retreats, including Whatcom Community College, The Therapeutic Writing Institute, The Eliot Institute (as theme speaker for several retreats), The National Association of Poetry and Bibliotherapists, the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, the Garden Street Methodist Church, East Shore Unitarian Church in Bellevue, WA, North Shore Unitarian Church in Vancouver, B.C., First Unitarian Church of Portland, OR, and the Whatcom County Library System.
If you are interested in having me share one of the offerings listed below with your group or organization, or with a gathering of friends in your living room, please contact me.

I present talks to public and private groups of all sizes. For a list of current topics, click here.

  • Clearing Clutter as a Sacred Act
  • Making Room for the Muse
  • A Gentle Approach to Clutter Clearing
  • In Praise of Imperfection
  • Unexpected Pathways to Compassion
  • Making Peace with Time
  • Making Space for New Beginnings
  • Embracing Spaciousness

Online Classes
Classes are offered in a group-discussion format as well as a solo/self-paced/coached format. To view class offerings, click here.

  • A Gentle Approach to Clearing Clutter
  • Befriending Time
  • Clearing Clutter as a Sacred Act
  • Downsizing with Your Journal
  • Journal to the Self®
  • Journaling to Clear Clutter
  • Letting Go: Journaling to Address Emotionally-loaded Objects

Workshops are more hands-on than talks. For a list of workshops, click here.

  • Clearing Clutter as a Sacred Act
  • An Introduction to Journaling
  • A Gentle Approach to Clutter Clearing
  • Writing to Clear Clutter
  • Making Space to Write
  • Befriending Time
  • Cultivating Self-Compassion

Upcoming Events:

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Current Online Classes:

A Gentle Approach to Clearing Clutter